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tale tonic

Curated this exhibition as part of AWAN (Arab Women Artists Now) Festival in 2024, held at the Africa Centre. showcasing the works of Marianne Fahmy and Nada Elkalaawy. 

Forever Is Now Edition 3

Worked as a Senior curator and consultant in the second edition of Forever is Now Edition 3. The overarching vision behind this annual exhibition is to build a culture of interconnectivity and care, where hope of the future can be found. Bringing together people from around the world, the exhibition includes cross-cultural exchange with the local communities, implicating a high level of engagement with different publics, not just visitors but also craftspeople, students and laborers, providing new ways of accessing contemporary art for the uninitiated.



At the Pyramids of Giza Plateau in 2022

Worked as a Senior curator in the second edition of Forever is Now which reflected on time and timelessness, land and history, ecology and humanity, situating contemporary artworks at the magnificent site of the Pyramids of Giza. Through an immersive experience of public art, the exhibition envisioned a future anchored in a deep knowledge of the past, indicating that there is no conception of the future without history.



at the Steamship PS, London in 2022

Co curated Alchemy! which invited london based and egyptian artists to explore their creative practices through alchemy as a concept. The drive to transmute raw matter into something else is part of artistic practice; the process and transformation of material is an integral part of art making. Whether it is about focusing on alchemical processes in the making, or represent the historic art of alchemy in a new way, the exhibition will explore ideas of transformation, perfection, material / non-material and the messy struggle to achieve one’s own Great Work.



At the Pyramids of Giza plateau in 2021

Worked as a Senior Curator in the first edition of Forever Is Now, which was a contemporary art exhibition that brought together the work of artists from throughout the region and the world for the unique opportunity of contemplating the wonder of an ancient civilization through a lens created by the interests, concerns, and passions of present-day artists. Located at the 4500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pyramids of Giza and the surrounding plateau, the exhibition questioned time as a continuum that both separates and unites civilizations. The juxtaposition of treasured cultural heritage with the rich diversity of contemporary art practices was designed to trace the continuity of themes stretching from the storied past to the vibrant present and to dream – in different ways – about humanity’s future.



At Cinema Radio, Cairo, Egypt in 2022

Worked as a Senior Curator to create the Bastet exhibition, Art D'Égypte collaborated with a group of artists to transform this ancient Egyptian symbol through an artistic lens, bringing the ancient Egyptian cat into the present. The hope was that the perceptions of the spectators would also be transformed, making them more aware and present.

Screen Shot 2024-02-27 at 8.37.06 PM.png


At Downtown Cairo in 2022

Worked as the senior curator for the second edition of CIAD. Beyond the chaos of Egypt, lies familiarity. in 2022, the second edition of CIAD offered an opportunity for artists to show the different perspectives of the familiar within Egypt, conceptualising the attachment to a homeland and the paradigm which centres on the significant characteristics of the bond between people and their nation.
CIAD’s group exhibitions aim to deferentially highlight the complexity and vitality of Egypt through multidisciplinary practices of Egyptian and international contemporary artists. CIAD’s objective is to exhibit contemporary Egypt through the lens of its artists, referencing cross-cultural experiences throughout history and defining the spaces where the lines of the personal and social selves are blurred.

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